Risa Shapiro

Aliyah Consultant/Coordinator
Hailing from Brooklyn, NY “the aliyah bug” bit Risa while learning at Neve Yerushalayim at age 18. She only agreed to return to the States in order to earn a Masters Degree in Social Work, so as to one day apply her skills to help olim.
Keeping her eye on the ball, while raising her family in Passaic NJ, the Shapiros had a very difficult first aliyah experience in 1995. With 3 children in tow, including a son going into high school, they were blessed with 2 additional sabars. With no OLIM ADVISORS or NBN in those days, and a spouse who commuted, it wasn’t easy. After 5 years, circumstances required that the Shapiros returned to New Jersey (Teaneck). Once again that “bug” did not let up and the family came again to Israel permanently in 2008.
Risa has experienced practically every type of bump and adjustment in her klita but remained determined to make her dream of raising her family in our homeland come true.  More recently, she has excelled as an event planner and coordinator while providing exceptional customer care.
She describes her work with Olim Advisors as the synergy of all her professional skills and the fulfillment of her personal aspirations.