Held our hand throughout the process of aliya – accompanied us to meetings, set up appointments and answered all of our questions. Even made a last phone call for us after our official time with them was over. A very worthwhile investment and a wonderful new friend!

Alex and Yael Bailey – Cleveland, OH

Thank you to Olim Advisors for helping us throughout our Aliyah. They have helped us from appliances to passports. We are so grateful to know that they are there for us whenever we have a question. In fact, many times they have saved us hours of time and money spent doing a run-around and they placed us in the right direction. Thank you, Olim Advisors!

Reeni and Daniel Pollack – Teaneck, N.J.

Lara was proactive in advance of our arrival, making certain that we were appropriately prepared and having our initial meetings pre-arranged. Her ongoing support from opening a bank account to ensuring Internet services are arranged have been integral in our transition. Most importantly, her calm approach is exactly what new olim need when they are doing something for the first time in a new country and culture.

Steve and Abby Kutno – White Plains, New York

Arriving in Israel from South Africa with no spoken Hebrew was daunting especially when we realised we had to navigate the Israeli bureaucracy.

We were lucky enough to stumble onto a Facebook post about Olim Advisors. From the first conversation with Lara it felt like a mountain had been lifted off our shoulders. She really made us feel comfortable and we knew we were going to be looked after. Lara set up all our appointments and then met us on the specified time and date. We were taken care of from the moment we met her. The way she interacted with the government institutions and us was phenomenal. Lara is so caring, has such a bubbly personality and she puts your best interests at heart. Using Olim Advisors was the best decision we could have made. We loved meeting Lara and she has been available to talk to even after her services.

We left Lara knowing that we were going to be okay and that she had been our 1st stepping stone to our integration into Israel.

Alan and Cachita Ferreira

South Africa

Alan and Cachita Ferreira – South Africa

“Usually people complain how stressful it is when you first make Aliyah – since you have to make appointments for all of these new things which you don’t necessarily know how… Lara was there for us, and still is! She has assisted in making our aliyah as stress-free as possible!! Highly recommend olim advisors!…”

Sarah and Marc Merrill – Queens, New York

Lara and Rafi at Olim Advisors have been so helpful with our recent Aliyah experience. The seemingly small things they did made everything so much more simple. And the comfort of knowing that we would have someone come to the bank and the government office with us was really important. Having them on our team allowed us to focus on the bigger things because I knew they would take care of the details. It’s also nice to have appliances soon after you arrive and not something I would likely have been able to arrange on my own from abroad. It was definitely worth the small investment to secure their services. Highly recommended!

Jeff and Elizabeth Nider – Vancouver, British Columbia

I gave 5 stars because the commitment of Olim Advisors is heartwarming. It is difficult to be Oleh Chadash….Olim Advisors are hands-on not saying but doing.  I found them pretty late during the Aliyah process but had I known them before would have made a lot of difference, A LOT. It would have saved me real hardship… Lara helped me moving through hurdles efficiently. Indispensable for every Oleh Chadash.

Yaakov Vellerman – Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel

Lara and her team at Olim Advisors are an amazing asset for all families going through the Aliyah process. The assistance begins well before you board the plane and continues seamlessly in your new home, Israel.  They are always available to assist in a multitude of ways, including conference calls, being physically present at bank, utilities, etc. appointments and providing invaluable recommendations. Lara knows how to navigate the government bureaucracy and ensure that your klita is as stress-free as possible. We were fortunate to work with Lara and her team.

Jon and Rena Bodner – New York, NY

Lara made things that people told us were impossible to do successfully in a reasonable time frame, possible!! Imagine coming to a different country, don’t speak the language natively…and have someone who started off as a connection to Israel, turn into family. The attention to detail and the fact that Lara was ALWAYS available to help or let me vent…or even help with translations of a document or government places I went made it so much easier for the aliyah and after aliyah process. Do I reccomend? You can do what you think is right…but when you’re 6-8 months in and are still on step 2 of at least 40 things to take care of…you will be callng Olim Advisors, so don’t be silly and waste your time…call them and rest easy.

Lara really helped us with anything we needed. She was always available via text or phone. She made the aliyah process much easier.

Ben and Charna Szuchmacher – Elizabeth, NJ

There isn’t enough my wife and I can say about how helpful the olim advisors have been every step on our Aliyah. Pre, during and post-Aliyah having them there not only as advisors but truly as friends they have helped ease any issue we have had and made it easier. Guiding us through Misrad Hapnim and all the other bureaucratic red tape any oleh will cross through and making it a much easier ride for us. Whether it’s getting our biometric, Misrad Klita or passport ….. if we had done this all by ourselves we would have taken days or weeks or months to have accomplished what they did in just half a day or less. Or for instance, opening up a bank account which sounds simple anywhere else was done within a simple appointment at the bank because of all their long term contracts. I can go on and on also mentioning shopping for appliances, car rental, and home shopping / renting they were there to guide and help. It is always nice to know they were either an email, phone call or just a text away to help solve any issue. Thank you olim advisors.

Benny and Temirah Rosenberg – Los Angeles, CA