Aliyah can be complicated, after 8 months of paperwork and international shipping my wife and I wanted a professional concierge experience for obtaining our Israeli documents and accounts, done once and done correctly. Olim Advisors filled our needs, with a smile, efficiently and without issues; and provided a running translation too!
I, with out hesitation would recommend their professional services to Olim to help guide the final steps through the Government’s maze of immigration paperwork!

Mr & Mrs Moshe Baum – Boynton Beach Florida to Beit El

While we have had our apartment for several years, and already had TV, internet, etc., set up, we still found Lara’s help invaluable in negotiating the various Israeli bureaucracy offices. She greatly reduced our anxiety levels!

Howard and Miriam Rosenblum – New Jersey to Jerusalem

We did our aliyah from Cincinnati Ohio with really no friends and relatives to assist us.  Oleh Advisors was recommended to us and it was a great decision to use them to assist us.

Lara has been there any time we had questions and was of invaluable help in getting our necessary documentation done. I would definitely recommend their services if you are in a situation such as ours!

Marc Kat and Zoey Bergman – From Cincinnati Ohio

From the early days of our Aliyah planning, Olim Advisors have been with us each step of the way. Olim advisors helped us find schools for our children and made sure that they were registered. When we arrived in Israel they were able to set up all of the important and relative appointments with government offices, making sure we received all all of our paperwork and Olim benefits. Working with Olim Advisors has allowed us to focus on our children and our family rather than having to navigate through the Israeli bureaucracy. Thank you Olim advisors, we could not have done this without you!

Dina and Jeremy Hartstein – Chicago to Ramat Shiloh in RBS A

You’re looking for help with your aliyah. That’s a good thing because it means that you’re serious and you recognize that you and your entire family will require many types of assistance. You probably have a short list or maybe a long list of the kind of help you can foresee that you will need, but the list probably won’t cover all the things you don’t know exist and that to succeed in your aliyah you will need help with these hurdles. Things don’t go according to procedure all the time and that’s when you really need help.

What you don’t know is that you can actually get help with all of those things: name changes, passports, identity cards, driver’s license, turning over the gas, turning over the electrical, finding telephone and internet providers, finding real estate assistance, finding lawyers and finding accountants.

You can get help with all of those challenges from Olim Advisors. A laundry list like that doesn’t tell you what else you get from Olim Advisors which is a caring, concerned and connected organization of real human beings who interact with you, know you and appreciate you. Rarely can you purchase service at this level of personal involvement by the provider.  No matter what the price you  pay you’re going to get more than full value from Olim Advisors.

Leah and Shaya Suffin – Sarasota Florida to Netanya

Thanks so much for your help and great assistance through the whole process of getting all my paperwork from passport, bank account, drivers license, electric, etc.etc.

No way could I have done it in such a short time and so smoothly.

Always responsive always available.

I will remember how you helped me transition to an Israeli, making the process of being an Oleh so easy.

From me and my family

Many thanks again!

Moshe Wagh – New Rochelle NY

Our Aliyah plan was delayed by years. But, Olim Advisors stuck with us and helped us smooth every bump. Without their help, our move from Long Island to Jerusalem would not have happened. Between the bureaucracies and Covid, there were so many details and hurdles that alone we could not have surmounted.

And, above all, they were always honest. If they did not know the answer to an issue, they said so and then did the research.

We strongly recommend Olim Advisors to anyone attempting Aliyah!

Yocheved and Chayim Radovsky – New York to Jerusalem

Making Aliyah was a dream of ours for so long, but when our time came around, we were so incredibly overwhelmed. Between bureaucratic appts, bank account setup, getting our Tav Yarok and everything in between, Lara guided us every step of the way. Always accessible and extremely helpful, so much of our stress and anxiety around these things subsided with her by our side. Additionally, Ilana was our superhero when it came to applying for Bituach Leumi. She jumped through hoops, orchestrated the phone calls and showered us with advice and support. We are so grateful to Olim advisors for everything they have done for us and would highly recommend them to anyone making Aliyah. Trust me, you’re in good hands! Thank you again Lara and Ilana!

Dassie and Yosef Goldberg – Texas to Ramat Beit Shemesh

Working with Olim Advisors has made the entire Aliyah process more manageable. They have been there for us from the moment we decided to make Aliyah, answering all of our questions, helping us navigate the Israeli bureaucracy, setting up appointments at various offices and attending those appointments with us to ensure everything went smoothly. Knowing that we can count on the Olim Advisors team is an incredible comfort. Whenever I have a question or problem, I know who I can turn to and who will be able to help. Olim Advisors continues to be an invaluable resource to us and we are forever grateful!

Naomi and Eli Shicker – Chicago to Ramat Shilo

Held our hand throughout the process of aliya – accompanied us to meetings, set up appointments and answered all of our questions. Even made a last phone call for us after our official time with them was over. A very worthwhile investment and a wonderful new friend!

Alex and Yael Bailey – Cleveland, OH