Lara and her team at Olim Advisors are an amazing asset for all families going through the Aliyah process. The assistance begins well before you board the plane and continues seamlessly in your new home, Israel.  They are always available to assist in a multitude of ways, including conference calls, being physically present at bank, utilities, etc. appointments and providing invaluable recommendations. Lara knows how to navigate the government bureaucracy and ensure that your klita is as stress-free as possible. We were fortunate to work with Lara and her team.

Jon and Rena Bodner – New York, NY

Lara made things that people told us were impossible to do successfully in a reasonable time frame, possible!! Imagine coming to a different country, don’t speak the language natively…and have someone who started off as a connection to Israel, turn into family. The attention to detail and the fact that Lara was ALWAYS available to help or let me vent…or even help with translations of a document or government places I went made it so much easier for the aliyah and after aliyah process. Do I reccomend? You can do what you think is right…but when you’re 6-8 months in and are still on step 2 of at least 40 things to take care of…you will be callng Olim Advisors, so don’t be silly and waste your time…call them and rest easy.

Lara really helped us with anything we needed. She was always available via text or phone. She made the aliyah process much easier.

Ben and Charna Szuchmacher – Elizabeth, NJ

We made Aliyah in 2019 but hired Lara before we left the states! She was our eyes and ears on the ground before we arrived helping with securing an apartment and navigating our Aliyah process. Once we arrived she was invaluable!! having her help saved us so much time and confusion while trying to get our feet under us, she was there for everything big and small! If she didn’t have the info at hand she worked tirelessly until she found it and she even traveled up to the north to meet with us and walk us through our process with a smile on her face! Working it’s her was like having a friend who really cared about our family. Lara‘s a gem and I highly recommend olim advisors to anyone looking to make Aliyah! Five star service and knowledge.

Michele and Aaron Heyman – Albuquerque, NM

We NEVER would have gotten through the red tape without Lara’s help.  She is patient, knowledgeable, experienced, kind, and has a genuine, sincere interest in helping New Olim get through the necessary steps in establishing us on a firm footing.  I’m so glad that Nefesh B’ Nefesh featured her on one of their presentations.  Sincerely,  Batya and David Rich

Batya and David Rich – St. Louis, MS